HEART of the Realms

10. No Breakfast Today

The party left Greenest in hopes to deliver the newly acquired information to Leosin Erlanthar in Elturel.


Deciding for the most direct route, the group hoped to shave off a few days of travel by braving the wild versus taking the road. The first night, Hobson Bilberry found that he wasn’t too fond of bugs.

The second day, the group found a stranger combing the land. Qilee, a representative of The Emerald Enclave, gave Arysale Amberwood and Otth Umberfist a mission to deliver news in Elturel to a messenger of the organization.

And the third morning, they awoke to some rumbling giants out looking for breakfast. While one of the giants escaped the fight, one of them was eventually taken down by party.

Module or Adventure:

Hoard of the Dragon Queen (Episode 4, Part 1)




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