HEART of the Realms

09. Caves Cleared ... Finally

The party splits up; one to take the eggs back, and one to find out what Frulam Mondath knows.

Dextor, Elora Ravenbraid and GroBark gather up the 3 eggs and head back to Greenest.

The rest of the party, attempts to sneak in the room of Frulam Mondath. They managed to take her down after a long drawn-out fight of trying to capture her when she happened upon the party while they were planning their attack.

They found some details to the plan of the cult and headed back to Greenest, where they had a strange evening with Garreck Boulderslam and a newly met Landor Staelle of The Lord’s Alliance.

Module or Adventure:

Hoard of the Dragon Queen (Episode 4, Part 1)




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