Orsik Umberfist

Male Hill Dwarf Sorcerer


With light skin and red hair, Orsik’s appearance is reflective of the exposure he had when pulled to another dimension.



Long ago when I was just a child my parents were traveling Faerun, as they were merchants. We were caught in a blizzard, and it induced a powerful disease upon our parents. They were dead by the next day, and me and my brother (I don’t know his name) wandered the tundra confused and disoriented by our hunger. A pack of traveling merchants came along, and seeing as to how our parents were dead, took us in to be nurtured and cared for. We lived with the merchants for 8 happy years until I heard a strange noise. No one else heard it so they thought it would be ok to humor me and let me follow the noise. I saw a well and from it came a deep glow. I peered over the well and fell in. I awoke being stared at by a number of spiny horrors that cast a sort of ritual that marked me as one of their own. I was enslaved and labored for them. Eventually I escaped but they are searching for me. They hunt me and I find it challenging to elude them. I lived alone for many years and have lost track of all time. Recently I have been compelled to face the demons and confront them. I now travel with a band of adventurers.

Orsik Umberfist

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