Jory Sanos

Male Human


Jory Sanos is a person that has been longing for some type of purpose in life. He has spent his days traveling the Western Heartlands and knows many tavern proprietors. Most recently, Jory thought he could find a place of belonging, by joining the Cult of the Dragon. However, his membership didn’t last long, when he spotted the adventurer Elora Ravenbraid in the cult’s camp and he didn’t report her. He had seen Elora perform at another inn and thought she was brought there to perform, when in fact Elora was at the camp to find out what the cultists were up to. When the cultists found out Jory knew of others in the camp, they instructed the Kobolds to beat Jory to death and feed him to the Roper.

Jory was rescued shortly before dying, by the same adventures, when they found him in the cave at the raiders camp.


Jory Sanos

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