Hobson Bilberry

Male Halfling Monk


Just over 3 feet tall, with a slender but athletic build. Hob learned some history, lore, and herbalism at the monastery, and retains shadier skills like sneaking and lockpicking from his days on the street. He is a capable survivor with an uncanny ability to accurately gauge the relative wealth and status of people he meets. He has a natural empathy and, with a different upbringing might have been altruistic, but he has learned to be mistrustfrul of strangers’ motivations after fending for himself as a young orphan.

Hob is used to being on his own, so while he does not eschew the company of others, he can sometimes be found meditating in small, out of the way nooks.



Designated by the city folk in Amn as “Hobson” – a generic termfor a halfling little – the young man now goes by “Hob”. Hob grew up on the streets of Amn and knows every nook and cranny. His early years as a street urchin would have likely led to a life of thievery if not for the intervention of a kindly friar, who took him in and taught him to read and write. Although Hob still longs for a bit of wealth and stability, his desire for riches is tempted by consciousness of the debt owned to Friar Lawrence. At his mentor’s urging, Hob completed studies at a monastery, but realized quickly that an ascetic, monastic life was not for him.

Hobson Bilberry

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